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What is a Life Care Plan?

A Life Care Plan combines geriatric care planning and asset protection with the goal of providing the senior with the right care sooner, maximizing independence, and allowing the senior to age with dignity. Recommendations are provided by your consulting attorney based on the senior’s current level of care, amount of assets, and original estate planning documents.

Paying for Nursing Home Care

Paying for nursing home care is a huge concern for many people today. Not everyone has a long-term care insurance policy, nor do they have enough funds to privately pay for their care.

Medicaid Myths

Medicaid was considered a complicated program when President Lyndon B. Johnson first signed it into law in 1965, and it has grown more complex each year. Although it is a national program, it is administered by each state. The rules and regulations are constantly changing, and can vary widely from state to state. So, it’s no wonder there are many myths and inaccuracies surrounding the program.

How to Plan for the Future

In today’s ever more turbulent world, the idea of planning for the future can be daunting, but it has never been more important. But what does that mean? And is there a certain age at which it is more appropriate? The answer is that preparing a legal and financial plan is critical for all ages and even for those in relatively good health.

The Top Eight Mistakes People Make with Medicaid Qualification

Eight mistakes that many people make when choosing to request Medicaid assistance. Find out how to avoid these common pitfalls.